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Send free anonymous messages from your computer

Article online since 2015-05-07 12:13:24

Sms Anonyme is the undisputed leader in sending anonymous sms sites on the internet. Very easy to use, it will allow you to send anonymous all your SMS. Completely anonymous, he again completely free, unlimited and without registration! Fonctionant entirely on French mobile number (number begining with 06 or 07).

For information, many site allow sending free sms but very few allow free anonymous mailings and without advertising.


Whether you want to send a message discreetly without a trace or just hide your number, the solution is Sms Anonyme. With this sending sms platform, you can anonymously send your sms in a totally unlimited. With SMS Anonymous anything goes and everything is free.

How to send anonymous sms?


The free anonymous sms sending site is simple and without constraints, to send a sms from your computer, you can simply visit the website Once on the home page, you need only fill in the number of your contact and the message you want to send. Done, he will do more than you click on the button "Send my sms", your touch will therefore receive a SMS with your text but an unknown number!


sms anonyme gratuit



Do not give over your personal phone number

There are many situations that require you to enter your mobile number, be it occasionally to communicate with unknown people (leboncoin, ads etc ...) or log on websites.


Whether to make a joke, declare your passion, or confess without revealing hidden truths you, sending anonymous SMS is the best solution, especially as shipments are free, unlimited, without registration and without advertising !