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MondialFax how does it work?

Send a fax is free?

All faxes sent from our platform are totally free, and whatever the number fax or pages. MondialFax will never ask you to pay anything, Our entire site is free and no hidden defects.

Is there a fax transfer limit per day?

No limit or quota exists, shipments are, in addition to being free, unlimited. You can as well send a fax occasionally send that as professional..

What is the maximum number of pages per fax?

To ensure that our lines are busy too long, faxes were restricted to 5 Maximum pages.
If your document is more than 5 pages, feel free to split your document to send it in several times.

Will he advertised in faxes sent?

There are and there will never be advertisements in your faxed documents. Only your document is transmitted to the called number, nothing more, nothing less.

What happens to your documents when the fax sent?

The security of your personal information is at the heart of our preoccupations and order prevent theft of your documents, they are automatically encrypted during phase transmission and then automatically deleted after sent.

What are the countries with compatible MondialFax

One of the highlights of MondialFax is the ability to send faxes quickly and easily around the world. For an appointment list of compatible countries on the page list of supported countries.

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