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The most frequently asked questions

How long does it take for the fax to be sent?

The sending time of your fax depends directly on the number of users on the site and the number of fax requested. Generally, once your application has performed the receipt of your fax takes one to two minutes. However, in case of overcrowding it is possible that the sending process takes a few minutes.

How do we know that the fax was transmis?

Throughout the process of sending, MondialFax informs you in real time the status of your fax machine. The management of your document to the receipt of your information, the status évolura same time that the status of your fax.
Note that you can also upload your receipt of acknowledgment in PDF format.

Is the sending fax totally free and unlimited?

As said in the fair questions, all fax transmissions are completely free and unlimited. In addition, MondialFax lets you send all your document gracefully internationnal, this ad-free add in your documents.

What is the quality of the fax format?

Anxious to our quality of service, your fax documents are sent hdpi, is the most resolution performance, so qualitative.

Does advertising in fax transmis?

Pride of its quality of service, MondialFax declined, this to the amazement of many advertising boards to add advertising to your faxed documents. So you will never find in pubs your faxes.

What is the level of confidentiality of your site?

The privacy and security of your data beings our focus, know that as soon as your document arrives on our servers, it is automatically encrypted (RSA 1024 bit) throughout the send phase. Once your document is sent, your document is deleted this time from our servers.